First Annual RCS Great Egg Drop Competition

Teams of 4th grade scholars participated in the first annual RCS Great Egg Drop Competition. In the weeks leading up to the competition, scholars presented drawings of their egg containers to team members.  Teams then voted on one design that would represent their team in the competition.


The event kicked off with a slide show presentation highlighting the process of constructing the containers. Student teams then went outside for the first round of the drops. Anxiety levels were high as the first pair of teams stepped up to the edge of the deck, arms straight out, plastic bag parachutes filling with air,  milk cartons dangling by thread, the countdown begins 3-2-1….SPLAT. Two teams eliminated. Hopes were high as the crowd spotted milk cartons lined with colorful straws as the next pair took the stance…3-2-1… Judge Cook and Keupp examined the containers…ALL CLEAR! After numerous elimination rounds, with elevations raising each time, it  all came down to the nerve wracking finals. With only two teams remaining, each carton packed with colorful straws and adorned with a plastic bag parachute, there was no sign of breakage. Rung by rung, Mr. Slover stepped up the towering ladder until…the last rung 3-2-1…we have a winning team! Cheers uproar as the judges declared a broken egg. The winning container incorporated plastic straws that cradled the impact and a wide parachute to slow the carton down to the ground. Throughout the project, students learned about gravity, the nature of impact and the creative process. Evaluations were teacher generated and also based on students’ personal reflection rubrics. Everyone involved had an amazing time. Scholars can look forward to this competition for years to come!

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