Joining Efforts to Combat Bullying: Riverhead Students to Attend First Full-School Assembly

Riverhead Charter School is proud to participate in its first full-school assembly designed to raise awareness about bullying, put an end to this often invisible problem, and create a positive and safe school climate for children of all ages.

This important one-hour event will take place in the newly-built, multi-usage space at the Riverhead Charter School on Thursday, March 10 2016 and is scheduled to begin at 9am. Students of every grade level, as well as their educators, were invited to attend the gathering, where they will watch a video about bullying, participate in live Q&A with staff, and enjoy a concert featuring an amazing anti-bulling performance by Meredith O’Connor, a rising recording artist.

“Creating a safe and supportive environment for students is absolutely crucial to their academic success and personal growth,” says Raymond J. Ankrum, the executive director and principal of Riverhead Charter School. “I am glad to say that all our students will be participating in the upcoming event. Each one of them should be aware that bullying is unacceptable. It can have damaging consequences for young people and negatively impact the rest of their lives.”

“Our job is to dispel the myth that bullying is just a part of growing up,” says Ms. Werner, school social worker. “Sadly, bullying has become a widespread problem, therefore, we should take all the necessary steps to prevent it, heighten awareness, and make our schools and communities safe for every child.”

Evidence suggests that every day, thousands of children, teens and young adults around the country are being bullied. Students involved in bullying are more likely to experience challenges at school, abuse drugs and alcohol, and develop health and mental problems.

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