Raymond J. Ankrum, Executive Director and Principal at Riverhead Charter School in Calveron, Unveils a Few Top Benefits of Charter Schools

Charter schools are independent privately-funded schools. Many parents across the United States are seriously considering charter schools as a better, more solid and powerful alternative to traditional public schools.

Read on to learn more about some of the biggest benefits of attending a charter school.

  1. Smaller class sizes

Charter schools typically have smaller class sizes than public schools, which allows each student to spend more one-on-one time with a teacher and get all the help and encouragement they need to succeed. In fact, smaller class sizes can make all the difference in the world and put each student on the right track.

  1. Bigger and better opportunities for students with special interests

Many charter schools are targeted towards students who have special interests or talents, such as science or performing arts and offer a variety of courses that fit in with their interests.

  1. Affordability

When it comes to charter school financing, it’s the public that takes care of it. Therefore, parents do not have to struggle to pay huge tuition bills. In addition, students whose families cannot afford expensive private schools, benefit enormously from public financing and gain access to good high-quality education which impacts their future and career choices.

  1. Greater accountability

Accountability is one of the most important aspects of charter schools. The reason is simple. If they don’t perform and live up to expectations, enrollment rates will dramatically decrease and they could lose their charter status…or maybe even close down due to lack of students.

  1. More choices

There is compelling evidence suggesting that charter schools provide more choices for families. If the local school is too small or doesn’t offer a particular academic focus, parents should be able to consider an alternative and have a few viable options to choose from.

“There is a good reason why charter schools have emerged as better and more effective alternatives to traditional public schools,” says Mr. Raymond Ankrum, the principal and executive director of Riverhead Charter School in Calverton NY. “I am proud to say that they have their own unique ways of teaching. For example, at Riverhead Charter Schools we created a unique learning environment for children, and we hope the system we have in place will positively influence our students and bring out the best in each one of them.”


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