Riverhead Charter School Students to Participate in a Play Performance “The Women’s Equality”

Seventh graders of Riverhead Charter School are getting ready to light up the stage on Friday June 17th , to showcase their talents in a play performance “The Women’s Equality”. The play is designed to encourage, inspire and motivate students to fulfill their potential and, at the same time, develop an appreciation for all the new opportunities that continue to arise for women in the professional world.

“Our students have theatre as an elective class,” says Ms. Duncan (Theater Arts teacher). “We are convinced that performing on stage is a good way for kids to express themselves and boost confidence, which will help them succeed in the future when they enter “the real world”, face new challenges and compete with other students. “The Women’s Equality” is a stepping stone and a great opportunity to build their future. We are excited about the upcoming event and looking forward to see our young actors perform on stage. ”

The play performance is scheduled to take place on Friday, June 17 th 2016 at 2:30 pm. All educators, parents and friends are welcome!

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