Riverhead Charter School to Host a Blood Drive on June 23 rd , 2016

Taking steps to make a difference and save lives

To address a major blood shortage in the New York community, Riverhead Charter School is hosting a blood drive on Thursday June 23 rd from 2-8 pm. The upcoming event will take place in the gymnasium 

Evidence suggests that local areas are in high need of blood for patients suffering from sickle cell disease, cancer, accidents and burns. In addition, there are trauma victims, newborn babies, mothers delivering babies, transplant recipients and surgery patients who require blood and/or platelet transfusion and rely on volunteers to overcome their condition and get better. Nearly every donated pint of blood will be transfused to a patient in need.

All blood transfusions in the United States occur thanks to millions of volunteer blood donors. The demand for red cells, plasma and platelets may increase dramatically as the population ages and more medical care and surgeries requiring transfusion become more commonplace.

“Hosting a blood drive is a great way to contribute to our community and offset summer blood shortages,” says Raymond J. Ankrum, principal and executive director of Riverhead Charter School. “It is a team-focused activity and will help a lot of patients on Long Island who need blood. We are hoping to boost participation, increase awareness and encourage as many people as possible to donate.”

For more information, please contact Kaitlyn Kosiorowski at 631-369- 5800

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