1. Apply To RCS by submitting a completed application to Riverhead Charter School’s main office.

COMPLETED APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED at the school office BY 3:30 P.M. March 31 , 2018

If there are more applications than available seats at the end of the enrollment period (March 31, 2018), a public admissions lottery will be held on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.at Riverhead Charter School. At the lottery, students will be randomly selected for admission into the 2018-2019 academic year until enrollment capacity is reached. The remaining applicants will be placed on the waiting list in the order of the date the application was submitted. Applicants who submit applications after March 31, 2018 will be added to our wait list.


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2. Submit Application for Transportation at the Home District

Deadline March 31, 2018

Parents/Guardians must go to their home school district of residency by March 31, 2018 to complete an application request for transportation to the Riverhead Charter School for the 2018-2019 school year. Please bring proof of residency and your child’s original birth certificate with you when you complete the application for transportation at your home school district. Please also bring this District Confirmation Form with you to your home school district and have them sign and stamp it. Submit a COPY of the signed District Confirmation Form back to Riverhead Charter School by March 31, 2018

Please note that a transportation application and a District Registration Confirmation Form must be completed and submitted to your home school district by March 31, 2018 whether or not you have been notified of your child’s admission. Keep in mind, if you later change your mind about enrollment or if your child is wait listed, the request for transportation to the Riverhead Charter School is disregarded by the home district without penalty to you.

District Confirmation Form

3. Admitted Students must complete registration process by May 4, 2018 to ensure seat.

Once admitted, students must complete the registration process by May 4, 2018 in order to secure a seat. If the registration process is not completed by the May 4, 2018 registration deadline, the offer of acceptance will be withdrawn and offered to the next child on the wait list.


Picture 2Re-registration Instructions for Current RCS Students Returning for the Next School Year.

Please remember that in order for your child(ren) to be eligible for continued enrollment at the Riverhead Charter School for the 2018/2019 school year, you must submit an Intent to Return Form to RCS for each returning student by January 31, 2018. In addition, you MUST submit an application for transportation to your home district AND return a completed District Registration Confirmation form to RCS by March 31, 2018.
(This must be done every year even if your child already attends RCS). Transportation Application AND District Confirmation Forms must be completed and submitted by March 31, 2018 to complete the registration process. If you do not complete the reregistration process by March 31, 2018 we may need to release your child’s seat to a child waiting for admission.

Intent to Return Form


 For the 2018-2019 School Year


Tuesday April 17, 2018 @ 6:30pm


Call TODAY to register for a Tour (631) 369-5800 ext. 2249
4:15 pm – 6:00 pm
January 9, 2018 
January 11, 2018 
January 16, 2018 
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March 20, 2018 
March 22, 2018 
March 27, 2018 
March 29, 2018 
April 19 , 2018 
April 26 , 2018 

REMINDER For Current RCS Students:

To ensure a seat for next year, current RCS students must submit: Intent to Return Form by January 31, 2018

Transportation Application & District Confirmation form by March 31, 2018